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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When we sat down to decide how we were going to give back in April it was an easy choice: healthcare. We wanted to provide safety equipment for the essential workers who are risking themselves daily. Many of these workers are unable to practice social distancing due to their jobs’ essential statuses and are often undersupplied with personal protective equipment (PPE). This knowledge helped influence our decision on what to donate. We supplied 500 reusable face masks and 5,000 gloves (and counting!) to local cannabis retailers. A 2008 review published in BMJ found that wearing gloves was 57% effective at preventing the transmission of respiratory viruses and wearing masks was 68% effective. The combination of hand-washing, masks, gloves, and gowns boosted effectiveness to 91%!  With the 420 cannabis holiday spanning the whole month of April along with the spike in same-day sales most cannabis retailers are seeing due to COVID-19 (some with a 159% increase), local cannabis staff agreed with us that this boost to their PPE couldn’t come too soon. Our team is monitoring the COVID-19 situation and it’s impact on our partners & local businesses. We will continue to give back wherever we can!

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